About Tiaras and Singles

The singles day is here to remind us that singles can also deserve to be happy, celebrate and be in their element. As a single you have the choice to live and create the life you want to live, you’re not depending on anybody else, the choice whether you”ll be in your element is on you.

Singles day is here to remind singles that they are enough and that they deserve to be happy just the way they are.

Today after 3 years of royalty at beElemental, we know for sure that tiaras help with creating happiness, boosting your energy levels and help you celebrate your life and be you.

Singles day is a time for singles to stand out proud and be themselves. Crowns and tiaras are known for decades by their ability to help people enter their element, stand out in any crowd, celebrate life, and celebrate who they are. Crowns and tiaras are also known in their ability to help you live in a fantasy and be the princess you dreamed to be. Furthermore, it helps you to be more, dream more and live more.

This single day we call you to stand out and celebrate life!


  • Burt

    Are these metal or plastic?

  • Glenn Walter

    Your company is a fantasy come to life!

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