About Tiaras and Styles

Tiaras and crowns are a statement maker, but which style do we want to emphasize when wearing them? Let us weigh in on this question!

We can think of a few different styles that a tiara can lift up by many levels when added to an outfit that creates the desired result.

Crystal & sparkly tiaras are mostly designated to the royalty and elegance lovers. The sparkly tiaras, combined with crystals and shiny stones, create a perfect shocking-but-impressing kind of a look. There is nothing else that can get the bling that they add to your face, and that's why they are extremely compatibale with balls, proms and weddings.

On the other hand, there are the handmade & boutique tiaras. These have a special place in our hearts. They are created with a desire to inspire, but also signify different elements. Well, then these are to the more sophisticated individuals among us. A fairy or an elvish look would be boosted by those and you can only imagine what looks you can create with them.

Hang on, classy and history lovers, don't you even think we forgot about you! The retro & vintage tiaras exist for you meddieval princesses. The sparkle with a touch from good old times will create the perfect combination in your next renn fair.

And what about the happy and vivid people around us you ask? The whole gemstone and colorful section of beautiful magical tiaras exist just for them! This is true happiness in stones with different colors that signify our beautiful world. Wear them on your next family event, zoom call or when you want to see smiles around you!

There are many many more tiara styles, but we want to let your creativity and imagination to mix it up and create the next look everyone will be wowed about.

We are looking forward to see the fairy, queen, princess or bride in you!

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