What is be Elemental?

What does being elemental even mean? Here we will try to explain our attitude to life and the core beliefs of our team :)

Our world is built from atoms. One can see an object as a group of atoms, but the other can look at it as an element.

An element is an object, but an object with a meaning. When we look at things as elements we embrace the significance of everything around us on our life. An element has energy. An element affects its surroundings.

This point of view of our world signifies something else, something magical in our opinion. It signifies the affection that everything around us have on us. It starts from objects and elements but it goes to people, friends and community.

The elements and the people that we live around have a significant impact on us. That means that we have control on our feelings and on our lives! If something feels wrong or just not right, maybe we should change our environment? or the people that we hang with?

This "elemental" thinking is why we created beElemental. Tiaras, jewelry and magical items attract positive thinking to us. It's so strong that it even reflect the positivity all around us. The shocking moments of individuals around when wearing a tiara - from understanding how colorful and beautiful life can be, are just priceless.

So we are inviting you to be an "elemental". And don't forget to let us know how it goes ;)

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