Why Should I Wear a Tiara?

This question often comes up when browsing beElemental.

Well, what does wearing a tiara signify? Let us weigh in on the issue...

Tiaras (and crowns of course) represent magic to us. And when we say magic, we don't mean something that is beyond our understanding; we mean a little thing that reminds us of the beauty in our world.

The whole beElemental legend began when Anna (one of beElemental's creators) was given a tiara for her birthday. The first day she wore it, she received so many compliments she couldn't wipe the smile off her face. That same day Anna decided that every human being should have the opportunity to feel that simple joy every day of their life.

This magic follows Anna and every tiara owner everywhere they go. The smiles we get when others spot the tiara, the eye-opening moments where one sees that touch of royalty and understands how colorful and wonderful this world is - this is the engine that keeps beElemental going.

Wearing a tiara is a reminder to us and to our surroundings of how royal we are, how magical we feel and how confident we are in ourselves. It shows our inner happiness to the world, and the feeling we get when wearing a tiara... gosh, it's just addictive!

So the next time you get asked why should you wear a tiara, just remember the magical and royal world that we can create around us with one simple item 💞

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